It makes me feel tired

when I am called pretty instead of

smart, extraordinary, creative

As if my look was the only thing defining my


When I meet a man

my first questions will be about his passions

his dreams

his goals

why can they not ask the same?

Why are we diminished so much

so often

so loudly

I am more than my looks

and know that when you don’t see that

you are losing me

A piece of art

Photo by adrianna geo on Unsplash



You deserve a love that will accept you as you are

I don’t mean the acceptance of “you do you, but it’ll have consequences

I mean the acceptance where your partner

encourages you to fly

celebrates your evolution as a person

I mean an acceptance where you can communicate freely

your deepest truths

your deeps fears

and desires

I’ve been tied in past relationships

put in a box

I lost my voice

my style

my passions

my rest

yet he dared to say

“I love you”

Now let me tell you

you deserve to be accepted entirely



and if that person is not willing to do that

they are in no right to say “I love you”

because love

is acceptance