Don´t fool yourself: the system doesn´t care about your health

I am not a crazy environmental activist. I fight for humanity and for the environment, and as a fighter, I care about humans and our well being. So you can read this freely and make the same food choices you´re used to, or hear me out with all the evidence and help yourself, because the system won´t!

Photo taken from “What the Health” documentary

We love meat. We have been consuming it since our species was not yet a Sapien; but a Erectus, Ergaster and even Neanderthal. It was the easiest, smartest, and more effective way of survival, and we got used to it. Back then, animal protein wasn´t as artificial as all the products in the market are today. But now, we´re Sapiens: wise men, and since the agricultural revolution, we have been modifying the system in ways were we are dependent to consume what seems rich, fast, and feels effortless.

Do you really think what you are consuming is rich and takes no effort (for your body, it does)? Here are the facts of the animal protein we consume in the 21st century so read careful:

Animal protein has an excessive amount of carcinogens: For those who dont know what this is, let me introduce you to the substance that causes cancer in living tissue. This means there is a direct link between what you eat and cancer. Processed meat (as carcinogenic as cigarrettes), red meat (pork, lamb, goat etc..), and burned or heavily barbecued food has high levels of carcinogen. So, what can you do about this? if you are crazy about meat, buy organic and reduce your consumption. This won´t make things a lot better for your heath, but thats the best option for faithful carnivores. If you are flexible to try new things, try vegetarianism slowly. I´ll help and guide you. See how it goes!

Dioxin is unavoidable: This strange word acts as a group of chemicals that are in the air and act as pollutants. These are caused by industrial processes, but can also result by natural processes such as volcanic eruptions, but one or the other: WE ARE EXPOSED. ONE cow will digest in one day what a human would digest in 14 years. Makes you think, doesn´t it? It makes me think animal protein lovers are consuming a huge amount of dioxin included in dairy.

According to the world health organizaion, exposure to high amount of dioxin may lead to developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones as well as causing cancer. THIS IS REAL!!! This is what you eat everyday…Solution for this one?? Pretty extreme: Become vegetarian, and then cut your food consumption to a plant-based diet.

If we think about it, this topic is about how healthy or unhealthy we want to be. There is no middle point. You´re either healthy or unhealthy.

Words by Jamie Oliver, World Wide Known Cheff

The dairy disappointment: Milk has a tone of sexual hormones, no matter how organic or regular it is. Both have the same amount of saturated fat, cholesterol and galactos AND about 750,000 somatic pus cells per Cubic Centimetre of milk. What to think? Well, this is the uncover of the dairy industry.

Do you really think milk protects your bones? A longitudinal study done in Harvard for a period of 18 years shows the opposite. Milk drinkers have NO protection from fractures according to Dr Micahel Gregor & Dr Niel Barnard. Countries who drink the most milk have a strong correlation with high levels of osteoporosis , and to finish with the wonders of milk, studies strongly suggest how dairy is linked with Breast, Prostate, and Colon Cancer.

Its a lot of info to read and process, but its time for the ones who know and have uncovered the system, to share what the reality is. 98% of the SYSTEMS cares about money, and not their citizens. Think twice about what you buy.


  • Buy organic
  • Try vegetarianism step by step
  • If you were already a vegetarian, explore the plant-based diet
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before you consume them (pesticides can be washed off)
  • If you are ill with a treatable disease, try a plant based diet for 2 weeks with a guidance of a professional and his/her approval. I would love to hear the results.
  • Watch documentaries (what the health, food choices, cowspiracy etc..) Inform yourself!
  • SHARE!!!!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! I am very interested in listening the opinions.



I write about what being a human feels like. Raw, real, naked.

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