Isabella Madrid Malo
2 min readDec 21, 2021
Photo by Milos Tonchevski on Unsplash

This poem goes to all of those trapped in the


To all the students, teachers, hosts, engineers, mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, artists

This poem goes to all the managers, governments, teenagers, adults, single parents, consultants, project managers, lawyers

and lets not forget, this poem goes to the lifelong learners, to those who fight against the systemic flaws, to the rebels, to the activists, the feminists, the entrepreneurs

This poem goes to me, and you

How do we learn to say enough

in a world where boredom is not allowed

In a world where rest is a sin punished through shaming

In a world where productivity is measured by

exhaustion, pain, anxiety

How can we thrive

in a world without

personal boundaries

My energy is my


and I have given it


I feel like eternal waves in the middle of the sea

trying to find their


How can we thrive in a world

where sleep deprivation, exploitation, and self-destruction

are our daily


Abusing our


I feel suffocating in between thoughts, tasks, responsibilities

I cannot


I cannot


I cannot


When is it enough?

My mind is getting wrinkles and scars instead of blossoming

my gut is in a battle it is


My eye bags give me away

They have written the word


In between the black veins flowing across my face

Isabella Madrid Malo

I write about what being a human feels like. Raw, real, naked.