I Am Part of the Students Lacking Motivation Due to the Pandemic

I have been trying to keep myself busy all the past year and have planned a rigid google calendar to follow every day. Workout, read, write, dutch, lunch, class, chill. Most of my days looked like this to make sure I had a full schedule and did not think about the outer world and our current crisis. I have avoided falling under the student population who are currently feeling unmotivated, bored, or lonely. I managed to make it work for a year. I really wanted to prove myself wrong. I wanted to do as much as I could with my time, learn like crazy, read all the books I could, and become relatively proficient with a new language. And to an extent, I kept that pace for the first pandemic year.

Three weeks ago, everything changed. I started a new side job and all my efforts to have a rigid and productive agenda were destroyed. With that, my lack of motivation sparked. For the past three weeks, I struggle to do my daily reading, writing, and Dutch classes. Cooking also became a big thing in my life, and as I became busier with my new job, I had to set that aside, and now it feels like an effort to make a dish. So, yeah, people out there, I am not exempted from the student population who is feeling unmotivated and bored every single day.

I tried, however, and I guess that counts for something. I am the type of person who wants to have her mind busy all the time and do as much as possible. I want to create an impact! And you see, with this new lack of motivation which I cannot seem to overcome, I feel frustrated, useless, and very annoyed because my days just go by. I am not doing much with them. Any tips for this? Would appreciate them cause I’m going crazy. The situation is not getting better. The Netherlands has been in a partial lockdown since December. I can’t even enjoy a chill dinner with my friends because, at 8:45 PM, I have to run home before curfew. The student spirit is being smashed against the wall. Our space to study is gone, our space to relate is gone, our space to chill is our workspace, sleep space, everything space. Can it even be called a chilling space?

I have to confess, I wrote the first sentence of the article, and I opened another tab taking me to Netflix to binge-watch a series. I literally forced myself to finish this article cause I believe perhaps some of you will resonate with it and know that you are not alone. We are all a community living through this thing, and it does get to you. My partner told me this morning he liked being inside the house due to the pandemic and that he didn’t think it has affected him somehow. After a 20 minute talk, he said he didn’t feel like writing his thesis for a couple of weeks already. He’s better procrastinating by learning about crypto shit and NFTs, which are apparently the next big thing in tech. Then I said, “you see, the pandemic has affected everyone somehow.” It sucks. It really does, but hey, we are all feeling it, and we will get through this :)

Now, the good stuff:

  • I am still working out 5 days a week which has been in my routine since a year ago, so not everything in my google calendar is lost
  • I am healthy, and so is my entire family. My grandparents are vaccinated, and that brings so much peace to my soul
  • I have a caring partner living with me, so loneliness has not been the issue, more the other way around (lol)
  • I still have my goals and mindset damn clear even though my brain seems to be in a pause which I’m working on ending very soon.
  • I have come to realize that I cannot do everything, but I can do anything. This is leading me to make confident choices in my life to make the most out of my time when my routines re-start

So, what’s your pandemic story? And how have you overpassed it?

Welcome to my zen mode. I am a sustainability advocate, utopian dreamer, creative writer, and words lover. I write for you.

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