The Roaring 20s

Isabella Madrid Malo
2 min readSep 4, 2022


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They never tell us

what wild freedom when moving out of home


they never tell us

how the 20s are the golden age

the age to become an adult

while keeping your inner beast

a beast craving to live

to dance

to explore

and exploit

our body, souls, mind, pleasure

they never tell us

how chaotic the 20s are

how it becomes dreadful to keep our stability

to keep our sanity

to keep a balance

they never tell us

the 20s are the moment to suffer from love

to have sex the entire night

to pull all-nighers from our never ending educational system

to cry of frustration feeling dissapointed

of the people we thought were


they never tell us

the 20s are the moment to suffer from the realities of our world

to view truths we´ve never seen

to become informed

to form an opinion

Is it the world that gets worse, or is it our mind becoming more informed?

I wonder…

the 20s.

My 20s are just starting

they started as a foreigner

in new lands

new cultures

immersed in new thoughts

I have been reborn in my 20s

I have struggled



lost myself

re-found myself

experienced toxicity


and yet

I am spiritually awakened

in between adulthood and wilderness

I feel more wild than ever


ready to thrive

what do your 20s mean (t)

to you?



Isabella Madrid Malo

I write about what being a human feels like. Raw, real, naked.